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IPS e.max

IPS e.max is a system that has completely revolutionised the way we think about aesthetic crown and bridge work. Quite simply, no other system comes close to the combination of outstanding natural beauty and high mechanical strength. This combination gives us amazing flexibility enabling its usage for a vast variety of restorations.

So what makes this system so special?

The material, lithium disilicate, comes in a variety of usable forms:

HO Ingots: (High opacity) for when we mask titanium implant abutments, post cores or very heavily discoloured cores. Typically constructed in coping form and overlaid with veneering porcelain.

MO Ingots: (Medium opacity) to mask medium to light core discolouration. Typically constructed to three quarter form and overlaid with e.max ceram veneering porcelain.

LT ingots: (Low translucency) used when core colour is good. Used to make bridges, crowns, veneers and inlays. Typically waxed to full form and either cut back for e.max ceram layering, or stain and glazed.

HT ingots: (High translucency) used when you wish the colour of the underlying tooth to come through. Examples are, minimal preparation Inlays and no preparation veneers (0.3 mm thick). Typically waxed to form and then glazed.

Here are some photographs of our work showing the versatile nature of e.max.