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Why select Metal Free Crowns and Bridges?

With the wide variety of metal free materials available to us, we always have a solution available for any clinical situation.

With patients more aware than ever of aesthetic, and bio compatible considerations all ceramic solutions are becoming the norm not the exception.

Although typically more expensive, all ceramic solutions have remained relatively stable in price, when precious metal prices have been fluctuating hugely and mostly with an upward trend.

In the laboratory we see upward of three patients a day, many of whom want to replace their old porcelain bonded crowns with new metal free units. The main reason for this is the typical gum recession and black line associated with porcelain bonded crowns. We also see many all ceramic units in the Laboratory, but the patients are not there to have them replaced, they are there because they are so pleased with them, they are now ready to proceed with more required work.

Even after many years we do not see gum recession and certainly no black lines, when all ceramics are used.

Please see the photos below showing how successful metal free can be.