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Crowns and Bridges

We use a wide range of materials for our custom-made crowns and bridges, including aesthetically-pleasing metal-free. You and your patient have the flexibility to choose the one that is right for them.

Full ceramic

With the wide variety of metal-free materials available to us, we always have a solution available for any clinical situation. With patients more aware than ever of aesthetic and bio compatible considerations, all ceramic solutions are becoming the norm not the exception.

In the laboratory we see upward of three patients a day, many of whom want to replace their old porcelain bonded crowns with new metal-free units. The main reason for this is the typical gum recession and black line associated with porcelain bonded crowns. We also see many ceramic units in the laboratory, but patients are not there to have them replaced, but because they are so pleased with them, they are now ready to proceed with more required work.

Even after many years we do not see gum recession and certainly no black lines when all ceramics are used. Please see the photos showing how successful metal free can be.

, Crowns and Bridges, Crowns and Bridges
, Crowns and Bridges


Despite advances with Zirconia, we still use and recommend e.max for the maximum aesthetic outcome. We have updated our processes to bring our e.max production in line with the latest digital advancements. We use our Exocad design software to produce perfect e.max substructures, full contour crowns, veneers, inlays and bridges.

Using the highly respected Asiga 3D printers and advanced printable resins, we produce incredibly accurate resin patterns. Then from here, we do things old school! It is widely agreed that pressing is best, giving the best fit, strength and aesthetic outcome.

However, just because it is old school doesn’t mean we can’t still be high tech. We use the best pressing furnace available, Ivoclars EP series of pressing furnaces, designed by the manufacturer of e.max for e.max. Each furnace carries the precise program to maximise the strength, colour and aesthetics of the various types of e.max available. These perfect pressings can then be finished using traditional techniques by our highly experienced ceramic technicians.


Argen Zirconia
Argen is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of dental Zirconia. The highest grade, Zirconium oxide, is mined in Japan and shipped to Argen’s production sites in the USA. Argen Zirconia can be used for excellent results in every situation.

ArgenZ ST Multilayer
ArgenZ ST Multilayer is an amazing new Zirconia from Argen, with adjustable translucency to the incisal cuspal areas and 850 MPa strength throughout. It is our recommended choice for monolithic crowns, small bridges and implant crowns.

ArgenZ HT+
ArgenZ HT+ is a very strong Zirconia with 1250 MPa flexural strength. It has about 45% more translucency than Zirconias of comparable strength. It is the perfect choice for large bridges in the anterior region up to 14 units in length.

ArgenZ Ultra
ArgenZ Ultra is the strongest Zirconia, at 1400 MPa. It is opaque, making it a better choice over metal cores and implant abutments.

, Crowns and Bridges
, Crowns and Bridges

Metal Technologies

At Simply Crown and Bridge, we produce all of our metal-based units digitally. Full gold crowns, inlays and precious alloy bonded crowns are scanned and printed in resin, then cast using a high technology vacuum pressure casting system. This process produces exceptionally fine grain, pure alloy castings. We only use the following Argen alloys for this:

  • Argenco 43% yellow gold Alloy
  • Argenco 60S% yellow gold Alloy
  • Argenco HP 77% yellow gold Alloy
  • Argelite 61 Paladium bonding Alloy

We no longer cast non-precious alloys, which tend to include impurities to help with the casting process. Using CoCr that has been produced by laser melting keeps the product completely pure. We offer only one non-precious product:

  • Argen SLM pure CoCr

Selective Laser Melting Technology (SLM)

At Simply Crown and Bridge, we are partnered with Skillbond Digital, who in turn are partnered with Argen Digital. We use our design expertise with Exocad and send digital files to Skillbond’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, which house the latest Argen laser melting technology. From our digital designs, copings, frameworks, implant abutments and solid crowns are laser melted and returned to us for porcelain fabrication and polishing.

ArgenZ SLM Process

The ArgenZ SLM process is sometimes described as 3D printing, as it uses a high power laser to fuse together successive thin layers of powdered metal just 0.02mm thick. The frameworks are created from powdered Cobalt-Chrome. When every layer has been built up, the solid copings and bridge frameworks are then removed from the machine, sand blasted, inspected and cleaned. The SLM process is precise and computer-controlled, ensuring consistent frameworks with improved marginal fit and no possibility of inclusions, defects or distortions that are commonly introduced in manual casting processes.


Sometimes described as a medical grade material, Cobalt-Chrome is almost identical to the metal found in joint replacements. We see this product as the perfect alternative to traditional non-precious alloys. Free from Nickel, Beryllium and Cadmium, patients are assured of non-allergenic bio-compatibility. A fixed lower price than alternative precious alloy products makes this the perfect choice for all your restorative needs.


  • CAD/CAM 3D printing uses direct metal laser melting, giving extreme accuracy
  • Pure grade and free from Nickel, Beryllium and Cadmium
  • Free from casting defects, inclusions or distortions.
  • Exceptional margins and fit
  • High porcelain bond strength
  • Much easier to adjust and polish than non-precious alloys
  • Excellent patient acceptance
, Crowns and Bridges
, Crowns and Bridges

Implant Technologies

There are endless ways of restoring implants, with new technologies becoming available all the time. Some of the options available to you are listed below.

  • Fixed price abutment restorations on Ti bases. We use Medentika (a Straumann company) Ti bases for our lowest price all-inclusive units
  • Original Ti bases from other manufacturers are used when requested. We have a fixed price for this which takes into account the increased cost of the original parts
  • Designed custom abutments, made of laser sintered pure CoCr fused to porcelain, Zirconia fused to porcelain and Monolithic ArgenZ ST Multilayer screw retained crowns
  • We make screw-retained crowns and bridges, and can angle-correct the screw channel for most systems
  • We make cement-retained restorations, but only after exhausting the options for screw retaining
  • We partner with companies such as Atlantis and Createch when required or requested

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