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Digital Smile Design

We use the latest digital technology to elevate the patient experience and ensure all our restorations are highly accurate and precise.

Digital technology and being able to digitally scan the mouth removes the need for messy impressions to be taken, as it can create a 3D image of the teeth in minutes. It allows us to work in more detail, promoting a better final outcome.

An intraoral camera allows us to take high-quality pictures of the teeth and gums and look in detail at areas of the mouth which can otherwise be hard to reach. The accuracy it provides is essential for gaining the best results in restorative dentistry.

Surgery Visit

The digital journey starts much the same as before, with impressions of your teeth. However, these can now be full intraoral digital scan impressions, rather than the messy impressions of the past.

We will then need two photos, which you or your dentist can take in high resolution and send as full size files. Most modern cameras, including smartphones, are capable of capturing these images. One needs to be taken as a full smile and the other retracted.

The patient’s eyes need to be looking straight into the lens of the camera, with the head upright and not angled in any way. The full smile photo should show the upper and lower teeth as clearly as possible.

, Digital Smile Design
, Digital Smile Design

Laboratory Smile Design

The digital scans are imported directly to the laboratory, and we are able to import the full smile and retracted photos too. The whole laboratory smile design process can be watched in a short tutorial on YouTube.

Exocad software

With other smile design software, a smile photo is manipulated by superimposing teeth images onto the original photo. This can look fantastic, but is often completely unrealistic as it does not take into account actual tooth position.

Exocad is a superior option, merging both 2D photo data and 3D scan data of your mouth. It ensures the smile design is both aesthetic and fully achievable. You can see an image of your proposed smile makeover with the knowledge that this will be the final outcome.

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